Faculty and Staff Grants and Fellowships

Trico Digital Humanities RFP and Grant Categories


Trico DH grants may be used for*:

  • scholarship or studies that examine the philosophical or practical implications of emerging technologies in specific fields of the humanities, social sciences, arts, media studies and computer science — or in interdisciplinary collaborations involving several disciplines;
  • training in the use of emerging technologies in traditional or innovative fields;
  • engagement with digital modes of publication that facilitate the dissemination of humanities scholarship in advanced as well as informal educational settings at all academic levels;
  • research that brings new approaches to traditional disciplines/research questions or explores and documents best practices in the study of the digital humanities;
  • planning and developing prototypes of new digital tools for generating, preserving, analyzing, and making accessible digital resources, including libraries’ and museums’ assets, classroom materials, artistic productions;
  • innovative uses of technology in college programs, public programming and classroom settings utilizing both traditional and new media; and
  •  institutional planning and capacity-building, especially cross-institutional and systems-level planning for sustainable research, teaching, and art-making.

Eligibility: full-time Tri-Co faculty and staff on continuing appointments; short-term faculty and staff affiliated with defined digital projects; continuing undergraduates.

Application and reporting: Applicants are asked to submit a cover sheet, 1-2 page project description and budget. Recipients are expected to implement some new component in their research or teaching and write an end-of-project report. Please see individual categories below for deadlines and submission process.

Grant Categories (please specify on the coversheet)

New modes of research, publication, pilot projects, seed grants, capacity-building, training, curricular development, university collaborations.

DH pilot grant. Priority given to collaborative undertakings, including those with existing digital humanities projects, university partners, and DH centers. May cover any project-related expense not including salary or course release. $6-12K per grant. Funded on a rolling basis with the first grant announced October 1. Submit to jrajchel@brynmawr.edu.

Ex: covering development costs related to building a new classroom component to an existing digital archive; defraying tuition for re-training in a new research method, etc.

Seed grants: startup funding to explore or innovate in a scholarly, curricular, or institutional initiative. May cover any project-related expense not including salary or course release. $1-5K / grant. Funded on a rolling basis; first grants announced 10/1. Submit to jrajchel@brynmawr.edu.

Ex: travel and expenses for off-campus partners to join a project-planning session; student research assistant to survey best practices in an emerging field, etc.

*These criteria are borrowed and adapted from the NEH digital humanities grants.


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