Faculty and Staff Grants Call

Tri-Co DH | Faculty & Staff Grant Proposals  || PDF Version

Deadline : February 15, 2014 *
Send final application to Jen Rajchel at jrajchel@haverford.edu
Grant Recipients Announced : March 15, 2014

* A note about deadlines: We encourage you to contact us at all stages of the project and at any point in your planning. We invite your preliminary inquiries and would like to be as collaborative. We are happy to meet in person, via Skype or over email.

Tri-Co DH invites all faculty and staff to submit proposals for digital scholarship. We welcome all disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations. Our goal is to provide a full range support for your research, courses, and projects from conception to completion. We will draw from the wide range of collaborators and networks as well as from past Tri-Co DH projects and collaborators.

We are interested in digital humanities projects at all stages of development and of all scales. As you imagine your project, we can help to connect you with the resources in the Tri-Co and beyond and facilitate meetings with experts in the various capacities that digital humanities projects often require.

We can:

• Connect you with faculty, staff, and students with similar interests or the skills you need

• Help with training (for you, for a student, or for a Library or IT staff member you are working with)

•    Hire student researchers and digital liaisons to develop both curricular and co-curricular projects

• Provide funds to cover travel and materials(from $200 to $10,000, or in between)

• Bring experts to campus to share their knowledge, speak to a class, or help you get started with an idea

Facilitate and fund work with user design, web development, and design experts.

The application for a Tri-Co DH grant is 2-3 page proposal including a preliminary budget*. The proposal should include an overall description and timeline for the proposed projects. It should clearly state what you are trying to accomplish, the content, medium, and/or nature of the work you have in mind. The proposal should also highlight a question or series of questions that you will address or explore through this work.

* A note about budgets : We can help with estimating costs for consultants, student researchers, and development.  We can imagine requests from $200 to $10, 000 and anywhere in between. 

In addition, here are some of the questions that might guide your proposal:

  • How will it be used by different audiences (e.g. faculty, students, researchers, academic fields, Tri-Co, beyond Tri-Co)?
  • Will it be used or developed during a course?  Part of a research project (and if so,  might students be involved over a summer or during the academic year)?
  • Do you know of any particular technologies or methods you want to use in the preparation of the work (like mapping, or textual mark-up, or multimedia, etc)?
  • What are the resources or projects that you can compare this to? (e.g. the Walt Whitman Archive)
  • What is the timeline for this project? What do you imagine as its trajectory?
  • If sustainability is a factor, how do imagine the life of this project?
  • Are the materials you plan to work with (images, texts, sound or video recordings) subject to copyright restrictions? Conversely, if you are producing new software, encodings, or multimedia, what restrictions will you place on their use?

Please contact us with any questions or for any clarifications. We look forward to working with you.


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