Undergraduate Grants and Fellowships

Student-driven initiatives, research, and collaborations

As part of the Tri-Co Digital Humanities (Tri-Co DH) initiative, we’re offering grants and fellowships to students within the Tri-Co community.  The goal of these grants is to foster student-driven initiatives, research, and collaborations which engage with questions concerning new media. Grants can be used for a number of projects such as pursuing an internship with a start-up tech company, facilitating social media transition for a company or organization, or pursuing research in a digital medium. Students from all majors and years are eligible to apply (unless otherwise specified). To see the projects of current fellows, see our Fellows section.

More info about Internships for 2014 is forthcoming. Please email Jen Rajchel at jrajchel@haverford.edu with any questions.  

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Research Fellowships

Find out more about Tri-Co DH Research Fellowships
Applications Due: February 15, 2014



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Find out more about Tri-Co DH Internships with our Partner Organizations

Find out more about Self- Designed Tri-Co DH Internships

Applications Due: February 15, 2014


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Find out more about Tri-Co DH Training
Applications Due: February 15, 2014




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