Tri-Co DH Undergraduate Fellowship

The Tri-Co Digital Humanities Research Fellowship provides students the opportunity to be the principal investigator on a research-based project. The driving inquiry of the project should either concern new media or be published (completely or in part) in a new media format. The project should emphasize how the role of technology will advance an understanding of the specific research aims of the project. For example, asking how film based narratives change the way that we think about spectatorship or creating a digital archive to explore the intertextuality of a work.

To apply for the Tri-Co DH fellowship, you will need to complete and submit the application below by  February 25, 2013 to Jen Rajchel at

The application includes:

  •  a clear, well written project proposal that outlines your research question and use of new media
  • a timeline for the length of the fellowship (6-8 weeks)
  • a budget
  • two reccomendation letters (at least one from a Tri-Co faculty member)
  • a 60 second elevator pitch

For any questions or to set-up a consultation, please contact Jen Rajchel at


Tri-Co DH Fellowship Application


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