Tri-Co DH Undergraduate Internship

Tri-Co Digital Humanities Internships may be used to pursue defined projects at organizations dedicated to media change (e.g., the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Institute for the Future of the Book, or the Digital Public Library of America); or at traditional organizations and companies exploring digital innovations. This internship could take many forms, even working for a start-up company or helping an existing organization transition to using social media.

To apply for the Tri-Co DH internship, you will need to complete and submit the application below by February 25, 2013 to Jen Rajchel at

The application includes:

  • a clear, well written statement of interest for a proposed internship
  • a timeline for length of the internship (8-12 weeks)
  • a budget
  • two reccomendation letters (at least one from a Tri-Co faculty member)
  • a 60 second elevator pitch
  • a proposed (or confirmed) internship *

For any questions or to set-up a consultation, please contact Jen Rajchel at

 Download the application for summer Internships

Tri-Co DH Internship Application 


* We recognize that not all internships will be able to be confirmed by the date of the application. Before funding is awarded, confirmation of an internship will need to be established.


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