Tri-Co DH Undergraduate Training

Funds are available for students to garner specific digital humanities related skills such attending a TEI encoding class, participating in a THATCamp, or taking a class at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute. Students can apply for travel, expenses, and lodging up to $1,200.

To apply for the Tri-Co DH training grant, you will need to complete and submit the application below by February 25, 2013 to Jen Rajchel at

The application includes:

  • a clear, well written statement of interest of the skills being offered and how they will apply to future work
  • a budget
  • two reccomendation letters (at least one from a Tri-Co faculty member)
  • specific identification of the¬†program or class where the training will occur

For any questions or to set-up a consultation, please contact Jen Rajchel at

Download the Training Grant application

TriCo DH Training for 12-13







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