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Deadline : February 28, 2014 *
Send application to Jen Rajchel at
Summer Fellows Announced : March 15, 2014
*Announcement of Internships has been moved to 3/29. Please email Jen Rajchel at with any questions. 

We welcome undergraduates of all disciplines and interests to apply to the Tri-Co DH summer funding opportunities. We recognize that applicants will have a range of skills from disciplinary expertise to coding knowledge and encourage all to apply. Funding will be commensurate with summer earnings expectations.

How to Apply for Tri-Co DH Summer Opportunity?

The application for a Tri-Co DH summer opportunity is a one page personal statement that synthesizes past course and work experience with the intellectual goals of the internship, assistantship, or fellowship. The personal statement (no more than 1,000 words)  should clearly state the opportunities that are of interest. It should also list the name and email of faculty who can be contacted for reference. (If for summer fellowship, include the faculty member who has signed on to advise the research.)

Please also include a completed a Tri-Co DH Skills Inventory. We recognize the varied skills and expertise of each applicant. In addition to the skills listed, we invite you to add those not listed. If an internship or assistantship requires prior knowledge of any program, platform or language, it is listed in their description.

Please contact Jen Rajchel at for any questions or for any clarifications.

Three Types of Tri-Co DH Summer Opportunities :

Lucas at Re:Hum 13

Tri-Co DH Summer Internships.

As a summer intern for Tri-Co DH, you will work with one of our selected partners.Our partners span industry and academia and all are committed to innovative, new media research and development. You will have the opportunity to work in an environment with strong mentorship where you can grow as a team member. You will also be assigned an independent project that you will shape from start to finish. For a list of our partners, please see our website:


Anna Levine END

Tri-Co DH Summer Assistantships

As a summer assistant for Tri-Co DH, you will work closely with a professor, librarian, or IT specialist conducting original research on a major digital project or developing curricular frameworks digital scholarship inquiries. While each assistant will differ, some of the opportunities you may have will include : high level research, assignment formation and implementation, and the possibility of publication. For a list of our assistantships please see our website:


Mirella-Deocadiz-300x225Tri-Co DH Summer Fellowships

As a summer fellow for Tri-Co DH, you will embark on a summer of self-designed research. Fellowships can support further research that extends a class inquiry and/or a jumpstart a thesis published through a digital platform or applying a theoretical lens to new technology. We also imagine the summer fellowship as an opportunity to begin research on a new topic concerning digital humanities work. For each fellowship, we will require the sign-on of a faculty mentor who can be a resource and collaborator over the summer with knowledge of the topic.  For more information about summer fellowships,  please see our website:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t know any coding or am not a technical expert?

A: We certainly invite you to apply! We know that as students in the Tri-Co that you have been trained as skilled readers of text, images, objects, and platforms. We also recognize that you will bring creativity and disciplinary expertise honed by your scholarship.

Q : What if I am an expert coder and can bring all kinds of technical expertise from Python to JQuery and those in between?

A : Yes, do apply! We have a variety opportunities avaliable if you want to apply those skills in a collaborative and challenging environment that will allow you to expand your skill set and also learn to work across perspectives from coders to designers to content experts.

Please contact us with any questions or for any clarifications. We look forward to working with you.



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